Kolathaya & Associates has been the renowned chartered accountant services company from its year of inception in 2007. Although it is predominantly an audit firm, but to meet the needs of our clients, like most of the world class accounting firms we have enhanced our services beyond the typical environment of accounting and auditing to the adventurous and challenging world of Financial and Management consulting, Tax consulting, Corporate restructuring, Database designing, Outsourcing and IT Consulting.

Our experience and expertise supports a variety of clients, providing individual tax, business, and holistic strategic planning as well as tailored special projects such as fixed asset compliance within the tangible asset regulations or litigation support and documentation. Every client receives knowledgeable advice, service, and results from our professional team. We fully understand the intricacies and complexities that arise in these areas. Through our experience we have also established strong working relationships with a large network of professional specialists, which enable us to offer our clients full service tax, legal and business assistance.

We at Kolathaya & Associates adhere to standard operational norms and practices as specified by ICAI and other statutory bodies. The active team of competent CA professionals aggressively brings out cost-effective financial planning, tax and other CA services and solutions to our customers who are completely satisfied with us and continue a long-term relationship with us.